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Physical Education teachers are often asked to plan the annual Field Day. There are many ways to organize your Field Day and make it a special event for your students and faculty.

When I first started teaching, I inherited a competitive field day. For two years, I used the existing plan. Students competed in up to 4 events (out of 10-12 depending on the year). In order to select events, I spent a month preparing the students for the field day during PE classes. I realized that this made little sense from a "best practice" stand point and decided to make a change. Since then, every field day we have done at Deep Creek Elementary has been cooperative. Below, click on the files to download some station ideas that I have used and some from fellow PE teacher, Matt Hall.

Deep Creek Elementary Field Day
Outdoor Field Day Station Ideas
Indoor Field Day Station Ideas

Matt Hall's Field Day Ideas
History for Field Day Activities
Passport to the World