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Working on Wellness (WOW)


Working on Wellness (WOW) is a wellness program that we started at my school this year. There are several facets of the program. We have weekly announcements focusing on a "food of the week". We have hosted a Family Fun activity each month since November. We share a monthly newsletter with parents about the WOW activities for the month.

Click below to download some samples

Sample Newsletters

 WOW Parent Letter - OctoberWOW Parent Letter - January
 WOW Parent Letter - November WOW Parent Letter - February
WOW Parent Letter - December WOW Parent Letter - March

Food Facts
Bananas Black-Eyed Peas Broccoli Collards/Leeks
Cranberries Dark Chocolate
 Oatmeal Oranges
Papaya Pumpkin Sweet Potatoes
 Turkey Water & Apples
 Cheese Grapefruit

Family Fun Run Info
 November - Turkey Trot
 January - Read & Run
 December - Jungle Bell Jog
 February - Jump Day