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Articles (PE)


On this page you will find a collection of articles that provide information on Physical Education related topics.
Click the title of the story to download it.

2004 November - NY Lawsuit Questions Safety of Dodgeball
As most PE teachers are aware, Dodgeball, is considered to be one of least appropriate games in quality physical education programs.  This story shares one of many reasons that Dodgeball is not appropriate.  it is also important to recognize that NASPE (National Association for Sport and Physical Education) has produced a position on dodgeball which is also worth a read.

2007 August - Physical Education In Schools
Schools can play a critical role in increasing physical activity by offering quality, daily physical education and other opportunities to recreate. Physical education not only gives children an opportunity to be active but it teaches them the skills they need to be active throughout their lifetime.

2007 September - Gym - The Next Generation
This article shares information about the physical education program
offered in Naperville, IL.  "A New Class of PE" is highlighted with help
from PE4Life and the article discusses a distinct "Focus on Fitness". 
There is also a nice connection made between being fit and learning.

2008 December - PA Guidelines for Americans (explained)

Guidelines from the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports regarding the physical activity guidelines put forth by the CDC.

2010 January - Schools Exercise Fresh Methods to Keep Kids Active

Roll over, dodgeball. Bold new activities put the fizz back in phys ed.